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Expertise you can trust.

Dr. Jonathan A. Slone, MD

Meet Dr. Jonathan A. Slone, our visionary co-founder and medical director. With over 20 years of surgical expertise, Dr. Slone is the driving force behind QUIKTOX’s commitment to making beauty and confidence accessible to everyone. While he oversees all treatments, ensuring the highest standards of care, his passion for democratizing beauty means that you receive the best possible results. Book with QUIKTOX and experience the difference that Dr. Slone’s leadership brings.

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Expertise you can trust.

Deanna Shah, MPAP, PA-C

Meet Deanna Shah, our highly skilled and compassionate board-certified physician associate. With over a decade of experience in medical aesthetics, Deanna combines her extensive knowledge with a genuine dedication to enhancing your natural beauty. She believes that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful. Her personalized approach and expert techniques ensure you leave feeling rejuvenated and radiant. Schedule a session with Deanna and discover the transformative power of her care.


Expertise you can trust.

Lauren Leong, BSN, RN

Meet Lauren Leong, our talented and meticulous certified injector. With over 5 years of specialized experience, Lauren’s attention to detail and artistic eye for facial harmony ensure that each treatment enhances your natural beauty seamlessly. She is passionate about restoring and rejuvenating beauty for women at any stage of life. Book a session with Lauren to experience her unique ability to bring out your best features, leaving you refreshed and confident.

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