Tox gently relaxes muscles, limits movement and prevents wrinkles from forming.

A QUIKTOX primer on how skin ages and what you can do to help take care of your skin along the way.


Botox Relax

A QUIKTOX primer on how skin ages and what you can do to help take care of your skin along the way.


How Wrinkles Form

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Natural muscle movements in the face over time convert temporary creasing in the skin to permanent lines.




Collagen Loss

As we get older, the body naturally begins to produce less collagen, a structural protein critical to the health and elasticity of the skin.
UV Damage



UV Damage

Exposure to UV radiation from the sun accounts for *80% of facial aging* by directly degrading collagen in the skin.


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Why this happens

Over time, repeated creasing of the skin through facial muscle movement results in dynamic lines becoming permanent static lines.

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Try this at home

Raise your eyebrows. Now furrow them. Now make an exaggerated smile. Are you seeing lines form or showing more dramatically? Treating these lines now will effectively prevent their advance!

How does Botox limit movement?


Movement Prevention

Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles in your face to limit movement.


Limiting Facial Movement

Limiting facial muscle movement means fewer and less pronounced creasing over time, leading to fewer wrinkles over the long-term.

About About Botox
What About Botox 2

What about...?

There’s a lot of misinformation on Tox, so we’re here to set the record straight.

Does Tox change the shape of my face?
No, Tox doesn’t change the shape of your face! Often times face shape changes are a result of dermal fillers or more invasive plastic surgery.

Once I start, do I have to keep getting botox?
It’s a common misconception that your wrinkles will come back even stronger if you decide to use botox and then stop. The truth is that it’s more similar to having vitamins — it’s good to start early and your wrinkles will be less pronounced than if you had never done it at all.

When should I start getting botox?
While there’s no one right answer, we recommend treating dynamic lines around the time you start noticing them for the best long-term prevention. This will be between age 25 and age 30 for most, though everyone’s complexion is different.

Why QUIKTOX is the best place for Tox.


Whether you’re brand new to skincare or have been getting tox for years, tox at QUIKTOX is a no-brainer:


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